Alfa Romeo To Hit The US Shores In 2010

American auto fans have had a long wait, but finally the Italian sports car Alfa Romeo will make its mark next year. Some of the most sought off cars will finally touch the US horizon shortly.

The 159 Sedan

The four door 150 Sedan will be the first Alfa Romeo car to make its presence in the US. Its unique Italian Silhouette with a perfect blend of superior quality would offer a tough competition to the present American and European models.

alfa romeo 159 review

The 159 will be equipped with 3.2 liter direct injection V6 engine which would produce 260 horsepower.  It would be equipped with standard all wheel drive to compete with other Luxury auto makers in the US. The most exciting part about the 159 sedan is that it is a true luxury car with a base price of $34,000. This would make other luxury car makers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi on their toes.

The Brera Coupe

The Brera has already made its name in the European segment. It is a top notch sport hatch back car with a sleek, yet classy styling, and 2 by 2 seating layout. The Brera is a well known crowd pleasing car. Like other Alfa models the Brera features its iconic triangular front grille and unmistakable headlamps which add to the front look of this Italian beauty.

alfa romeo brera

This sport-hatch will be equipped with a similar powertrain like the 159 sedan. It will feature a 3.2 liter direct injection V6 engine which would generate 260hp. It will also feature all wheel drive system. The beauty of all Alfa Romeo editions including Brera is that they are equipped with stiff but efficient suspensions which offer a comfortable ride. This luxury car would reach the US shore by 2010 and will be available at a base price of $36,000.

The Spider

The Spider convertible is the most stylish and desired car amongst other Alfa Romeo models. The Alfa Romeo Spider will offer two powertrain options.

Alfa Romeo spider

It will be equipped with fuel efficient  2.2 liter four cylinder engine in the  base edition  and would offer option of 3.2 liter  V6  edition from 159 Sedan edition. This two door version is expected to be smaller and lighter than the 159 Sedan and the Spider.  The light weight body would offer better acceleration and handling.

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  1. cars lover says:

    i love and admire ALL alfa romeo cars and models new one or old one to simply i love this sexy great SPIDER!!!!!!
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  2. camry 2000 says:

    A car as powerful as the Bugatti Veyron can do a great many things. Crest the 400 km/h mark. Burn through fuel and rubber faster than a jumbo jet on take-off with the parking brake engaged. But how about stop time? Maybe if you lay down all that twist in the opposite direction off the earth’s rotation. Or bring back a rumor that first reared its head some four years ago.

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