New Alfa Romeo Spider Limited Edition Car Review

Flying View at Facts & Figures

Cost: £25,500 – on the road

Eco Friendly: 221g/km CO2 Emissions

Speed: 0-60mph 8.8s Max Speed 139mph

Size: 4393L/1830W/1318mmH

Average: (urban) 21.7mpg / (extra urban) 38.7mpg / (combined) 30.1mpg.

Security: Twin front, side and knee airbags, ABS, traction and stability control, ABS with brake assist.

Alfa romeo

Spider Limited Edition Car is the car that adds a great value to the most valuable cars of Alfa Romeo. It’s a great pleasure to have the Spider at home and to have feet on the accelerator of the speediest sports car on the road, Spider. Alfa Romeo is one of the Italian companies who are the world wide leaders of the car industry. They are well known for introducing some of the most advanced and romantic cars. They have some established and distinguished cars in their pocket which are developed by the most creative and innovative engineers of the company and also by the great efforts of R&D guys who have gathered all the smallest information of the requirements of the people and have developed the car by adding those  important features in the car.

Spider is a sports car with the open roof convertible facility. It’s a car which is made for the speed lovers and also for those who had the dream of driving sports car on the regular streets crazily, and it satisfies all the wills of the people. Spider is one of the most popular category cars of Alfa Romeo. It has milestone sales in all over Europe and also in the tougher market UK. The car was specially designed for the UK markets as they prefer the cars that are longer and luxurious. Brera was the first model of Alfa Romeo that has been clicked in UK; Spider continued the trend of Brera.

Alfa romeo limited edition

Limited Edition is the technique that adds some more advanced and spectacular features to the existing model in front of a very minor price rise. For Example, the company has developed the limited edition for the Spider by putting some extra features to it and in exchange to it; they increased the price of the car by £ 3,000. So, if you are going for the 2.2 JTS model, the car will net cost you in £25,500 which is worth as the newly added features are quite surprising ones and also most fabulous ones.

What they have added in the new car is the beauty. Spider was already a beautiful car and these guys made it hot property. They have added some of the splendid colours to the car and also the wheels are being changed and instead of those traditional wheels, they have added charming and performance based alloy wheels. Apart from all these exterior changes, they have also made some of the interior changes in the car by changing the Italian Frau leather on the front and rear seats which give the car a pleasant view. The moment you get into the car, the interior of the car welcomes you warmly and makes your journey colourful and cherishing.

Alfa Romeo Spider Limited Edition Car

As we know, the Spider is a convertible with an open roof; it requires an electric system which makes the roof adjustment easy and comfortable. It takes just 8 seconds to get the roof adjusted according to our choice. One special feature which they have added is the heated memory of front seats and also they have fixed the power door mirrors in the car. Above all they have added a splendid feature of Blue&Me which is the prime solution of all the accidents that are increasing day by day by the use of cell-phone while driving. With Blue&Me, they have made the cell phone device free from holding as the cars will be totally covered by the inbuilt hands free concept along with some splendid and shocking technology of voice recognition and also the melodious and mind blowing media player with an ultimate sound system.

Alfa Romeo Spider Limited Edition Car

The colour system is developed with a great combination. All the colours are matched with a contrast. For example, if we talk about the Carbonio Black colour, the interior is prepared with a natural leather finish, which makes the car view awesome. If the exterior colour of the car is Red, the interior is prepared in the great contrast of lack leather. There is also an option of the Ghiaccio White colour for the buyers and with this colour; the interior is prepared in a clear black or in the natural leather accessories. The refreshed colour combinations in the car are truly refreshing and they make the extreme view of exterior to attract and persuade the buyers.

The wheels are changed to 19” spoked alloy wheels that are more powerful and also handsome looking stuffs. The engine of the car is remained the same as 2.2 JTS with the power of 185bhp. This JTS engine has a great pick up and with in no time you can have the most memorable driving of your car. It’s a typical sports car. The body control is also the perfect one and this car truly leads to the landmark of a perfect sports car.

Alfa Romeo Spider


There are some of the cars that are bought with the minds and some of the cars from heart. The cars with splendid exteriors are bought from the inner senses and with the emotional bonds and the cars that are bought with the heart. These tendencies make a great going and the other type is the buying with the minds. The cars that are checked for the performances and also the features are checked with a great scrutiny are the cars bought with mind. Now, this limited edition of Spider is comfortable with any of the option as it has a great exterior and an efficient power for inner features.

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